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What is the difference between Global ROM and standard ROM?

Global ROMs offer complete support on Google Play Store apps and services and there is a variery of languages to choose from. Also, it generally supports 800 MHz frequency.

Standard ROMs do not support Google Play Store apps and services and only two languages are available (Chinese/English). The standard version is the one developed for the Asian market. If the Global firmware and multilingual ROM is not yet available, it will be sold with the official standard ROM. This happens especially for newer producs just upon their official launch in Asia. As soon as the official multilingual ROM (with official OTA updates) comes out, we will install it on all devices available in stock. In some cases, if there is no official multilingual ROM, we could install a Custom ROM (with multiple languages but without OTA updates).

All information on the ROM installed on each device is indicated in the product description. Please read the section before making the purchase. If you have any problem with the ROM installed on your device, please contact our customer service at and our technicians will help you solve the encountered issue.